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Andrew Lynford
Jaden, your versatility never ceases to amaze me. The richness of your voice reminds me of Scott Walker or Marc Almond when he does Jacques Brel ... something warm and mellow, but with a depth of emotion, like you’re trying to conceal something, which makes it heartbreaking.

And you wrote a lot of these as well, you clever sod!

Really great mix of material from a great artist. Five stars from me!

Love from America – Loved your you tube rendition of a thousand years. You have a USA fan…..just like to say what an amazing Halloween Party we attended at the working mans club put on by Julia Romp.There was so much for the Children to do well organised so the little ones had their go first then the Older children next.

My Boys loved it especially the photo booth, spread of food was amazing ali g with the scrumptious toffee apples xx
Thank you for such wonderful music during a fabulous evening at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church. It was a pleasure to listen to you and I hope we will meet again.
Just had a WONDERFUL evening at Jaden’s concert at Newton Abbot Spiritualist church. His voice is incredibly beautiful and the range of songs he sang was fantastic. I enjoyed every single one. Thank you Jaden – come back soon!
Very impressive range of great music throughout the entire evening. Jaden and Sarah -two very powerful masters of their voices. Performed so many of my personal favourite songs – so I just LOVED IT. Lovely friendly atmosphere and felt very welcomed by Julia.
Thanks for a fantastic evening at the working mans club Isleworth Jaden, wasn’t sure what to expect but thought why not it’s all for charity.
Had an amazing evening stayed until the end both yourself & Sara are two very talented singers, can’t wait too see you both again. As for Julia she’s just amazing xx
Listened many times onYou-tube. Great voice,bags of personality. You deserve to do brilliantly,Jaden. Good luck to you,x.
Saw you at The Big Sheep and at The Oaks. Both times were fantastic!
know you from fb.your voice is are a good person who helps everyone and very peaceful.thanks for your friendship great guy
Heard you first on Facebook and have watched many Youtube videos since. Great voice and personality
Provincetown, Massachusetts USA
Come visit, and sing!
I haven’t had the chance to hear you live but have heard you on youtube! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to hear you in person whenever I get back to the UK 🙂
Hi Jaden, I heard you sing when you were in Atlanta a couple of years ago. Truly a great voice. I have been a fan of yours since.

Kind regards,

Vivian aka Darrel
you found me on Twitter I love your singing voice and choice of music ,you ain’t bad to look at either 🙂

Loved the album with you singing with Tamsin Ball on Tides of Time, all I ask of you
Thoroughly enjoyed your singing at Oaks in Barnstaple last night Jaden. Glad I bought the CD too. Great tracks. Look forward to next your engagement at Oaks.

I have only had the opportunity of hearing you sing on face book and youtube but would so love to see you live, you are brilliant
Hey Jaden.
Loved Listening To You Sing When Yu Was In Slough.
I Listen To Your CD Everything & My Little Girl Sings Along and Tells Me She Likes It Lol .
Looking Forward To Seeing What Yu Have Planned For The Future.
Hopefully See Yu Soon.
God Bless.
Sending Hugs & Kisses
One of the best talents I’ve ever heard!
Awesome voice. One of the best out there.
Jaden sang at the opening ceremony of Ascot Relay for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK. Wonderful voice with a song that made me cry. He returned to sing at the Candle of Hope ceremony in the evening. His own song -The Light” was so perfect.One of life’s nice guys.I hope we meet again.
Best of Luck to you. You are doing Great. Enjoy your Music
My friend asked Carol Weston asked me to have a listen to you, I did and can say I love your voice 🙂
Love your music and hope it’s not too long before I get to see you again
I expect to be serenaded in spin in 2 weeks time! X
Hi darlin’ how is everything. Having a concert tonight myself in Bideford. I would love to hear you again one day. Well done on everything!
I have known Jaden for many years now and first met him when he was in Byond when I was a DJ. We lost touch for many years but Jaden singing their version of Born free has always stayed with me.

Luckily I was able to find him again and he was kind enough to sing at my partners 30th birthday. He is an amazing soul that constantly thinks of others and the world we live in.

It is a pleasure to know him and to be a part of his life.

All my love and fondness to a good soul. X
I LOVE Your music very Jaden.
i love ur music jade
Thank you for following me. I think you are an amazing person and a great singer. I wish you every bit of success and a great 2014. All the very best from Holly
Hi Jaden, I first heard your voice when I looked you up on You Tube after you followed me on Twitter, since then I have you on my playlist, my favourite is “A thousand years” I also love “chasing cars” and “all I ask of you” . Your voice is beautiful and I’m afraid I’m hooked! Look forward to hearing more of you and if you ever get to perform in North Yorkshire save me some tickets.
Hi Jaden buddy Im Ericson McFadden may you have great success and many blessings
Hi Jaden, My wife and I saw you performing at the Queensmere in Slough on 21st December 2013. We enjoyed your singing that much we bought your album “Solo Por Ti” and have put it on our ipods. It’s a brilliant album. Simon Cowell doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You are a true star who puts others first. We both wish you a very happy Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to hearing you perform next time you come to Slough.

All the from Rob and Ishi
There are times I am so tired, and can’t sleep, I put one of your CDs in, and your singing puts me OUT like a light. I also have a better level of sleep.
THEN, htere are times I need to have the mental uplift, play your CD and know I’ll be able to go forward with a ‘song in my heart’.
Please, don’t stop, you have that ‘magic’, and it does help and work in ways you will never know.
There are times I am so tired, and can’t sleep, I put one of your CDs in, and your singing puts me OUT like a light. I also have a better level of sleep.
THEN, htere are times I need to have the mental uplift, play your CD and know I’ll be able to go forward with a ‘song in my heart’.
Please, don’t stop, you have that ‘magic’, and it does help and work in ways you will never know.
Fantastic voice … could listen all day.
Hi Jayden! Much love!
Hi Jaden,
You are so talented and such a beautiful person. I wish you all the success in the world with your career. I would love to cuddle with you 🙂
Hi Jaden, Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to have found such a talented young man for a friend.
Your music is brilliant and I am looking forward to hearing anything that you do in the future.
If you have a talent, a wonderful thing, and everyone listens when you start to sing…

Doesn’t matter if it’s online,Twitter or at a show your gift shines through in all that you are and all that you do.

Your charity work,your endless zest and enthusiasm for life inspires and is your legacy…you happy boi 🙂
#keepyourspiritshiningbright x
Hi Jaden here is an old lady that thinks very highly of YOU! You donate your time to numerous causes, obviously you and your Auntie are very close, and YOU are a nice guy who just happens to be a magical, fantastic singer, who just happens to be cute inside and outside!


D. Marie

Evening Jaden,
Just sitting here thinking how wonderful it is to talk to you. I enjoy listening to your music daily and find myself singing with you. Lol. You are incredibly talented and I pray only for the best for you, my friend. Yours truly, Shari
Hi Jaden i think you are a brilliant person and singer and it’s nice chatting to you on facebook, good luck with your career x x
Hi Jaden

Just wanted to say am loving your work and your devotion to all things good. Been a long time since we’ve seen each other, hopefully we can work together soon. Wishing you all the best, you have an amzing voice and deserve every success and happiness life has to offer.

Take care and best wishes
GOOD LUCK Jaden you are very talented indeed
Hi Jaden,
Just discovered your music! You’re amazing! I love your vocals! You’re very talented!
I have been watching some of your videos. I love them!
Now I am actively looking for your music to purchase!
I am looking forward to getting to know you!
Karen (New Fan)
I discovered Jaden through a twitter follow fell in love with his music from first listen in fact went right to amazon and grabbed a copy
I recently started watching Jaden on U-tube. REALLY LOVE HIS VOICE!! Plan on buying my first CD of his very soon. If cannot find in stores will look at E-bay or Amazon. LOVE HIS SMILE and that he is into worthwhile charities!
Jaden is very expressive when he sings. A pleasure to listen to.
I love Jaden’s voice, it’s gorgeous. I don’t know how but he has the ability to convey the most deepest emotions using only his voice! He and his voice and just mesmerizing!
Wonderful voice has a very exstensive repertoire. .
Will keep you enthralled all evening.with his light opera to pop.Both ecquistly executed.
Would like to see him in a West End show he certainly would not be out of place .
Also Jaden is very personable and wows his audience.
I look forward to being in the audience for another Jaden Cornelious concert soon.
Hi Jaden, Thank you so much for your fabulous concert last night at Paignton Church, you touched many souls with your Love, beautiful voice, Inspirational words and charitable deeds, God Bless you. I look forward to seeing you again soon.
Thoroughly enjoyed your performance last night in Paignton. Count us oldies amomg your fans. Like others who heard you last night your own compositions were most uplifting.
Jaden, thank you for your concert at Paignton 28th June 2013, it was awesome! A truly moving experience. Good luck in all that you do. God bless
I saw you tonight at Paignton Spiritualist Church….you truly are an inspiration. My favourite songs were the ones that you had written yourself, they touched my soul…..keep your beacon of light shining bright, and sending out those wonderful ripples of universal messages….can’t wait for your next cd 🙂 blessings, love and light Donna…..Namaste x
Hey Jaden!

You probably won’t remember me, but we chatted years and years ago (probably about 2006ish), after meeting on MySpace and we texted for a while but never met. If this rings any bells, I live in Corby and, to be honest, messed you about a bit it would be fair to say. Great to see you doing well and sponsoring a fantastic cause.

All the best my friend,
you are just amazing, watch you on a regular basis on youtube, you have a gift i am so glad you share xxx
Amazing voice and your music is great,Thank you so much for the follow on Twitter:)I love you singing You raise me up as this is one of my fave songs which was also my uncle’s song they played at his funeral this year 🙁 Keep up the brill work and Good luck with your career.Would love to see you live sometime in the near future :)x
AMAZING! Thank you so very much for singing at Capel Manor School Summer Fair on Saturday. We were very privileged to have you there and to hear your wonderful voice. Thank you for helping to make the fair an even bigger success, I have had some fantastic comments from lots of parents! I would also like to thank you for helping me call out the raffle winners (I know there were quote a few!!) Wishing you every success in your future ventures and hope to see you again soon.
Amazing voice and a stunning performance at Capel Manor School ‘Fayre’Saturday June 22nd .It was such a pleasure to have the oppurtunity to meet you and to wish you every success in your future ventures ..
Good Luck Jaden you are an Inspiration.
Saw you on Friday night in Bideford together with Tamsin Ball – fabulous evening, thoroughly enjoyed it. The best of luck with all of your fundraising and your career.
I will be telling my friends to take a listen to your music,you have the fill package good luck your AWESOME backing you all the way a concert in Sheffield would be great I would definately be first in the queue for a ticket xx

Inspirational you!! Really enjoyed your company Saturday night, keep soaring to success- happy days! Kat:) kite
Look I love you ,I love your music ,love your voice they were idiots, but no matter what you have a place in my heart, I love your music your voice not that you’ll answer me back but , your an inspiration a close friend mine from the UK just was killed over there and it still hurts if you could do a song in his honor I really like it I think I’m prolly one of his only American friends but no one knows I exist he leaves behind a wife and a son it really hurts he was shoot by someone who DIDDNT even know him I hate war,a hate ,killings I’m dying myself from a inoperable brain tumor and I’m doing my best to leave my mark on this world ,I’m asking for you to please contact me on FB you have me on your friends list as Morgan Devinne Kennedy much love to you ….your true friend mikki
So good to see you again yesterday and hear you sing. You’ve an amazing talent and I truly believe Simon Cowell’s loss is our gain.

Thanks for supporting Twin Research

I was at the London Run event at Marlow – Great voice Jaden.
Great voice, wonderful personality. Keep it up Jaden. 😉 x
When are you going to perform near us?
Only managed to hear you once, so far. A wonderful voice – never 2 b forgotten!! Need more!!!
An amazing voice and a warm, giving heart. The ingredients for a wonderful human being. Thank you for giving us the gift of your songs.
Such a stunning voice and incredible talent. Keep up the fabulous work! x

I wish you all the best! Keep up the great work sweets!!! Lots if love for you!!!
thanks for the follow on twitter, love the site and music good luck in your career,
Fantastic performance at ADU Show Saturday night. You brought us to tears with “You raise me up” your voice is amazing and your personalities shines through like the BRIGHTEST STAR that you are. Hope to hear a lot more of you in the future. With all your “Charity Work” you are a TRUE INSPIRATION. xXX
Fantastic! I am very impressed Jaden.
hi jaden u did awesome ur talent was great I love that song u sang raise me up that was really good u can email me any time u want ur friend jarred allwein:)
Thanks bro for inspiring us
Cheers from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada!
from what little I’ve heard all the cards to success ….. congratulations you are really good and also nice that does not hurt
Hi jaden well done hope it all goes well for u in the future lots of love k xxx
glad everything is going great,all the best,fred
Your sound is awesome Jaden. I wish you could be success in the future by becoming a popular classic singer. I’m from Indonesia and nice to know you
Jaden you came into my life a year ago at Newton abbot church I am inspired and calmed by your light and energy and support you all the way me and the children have you on in the car every day they know it off by heart we love you very much who gives a shite what Simon Cowell thinks look at the state if him you walk in the light they don’t xxxx
Awesome to talk to you,, from what I have heard very talented,,, take it easy Jase
Been here, looked around and liked what I saw. Signed, sealed and delivered! Keep on rockin’! Wish you truckloads of success!
PS: I DID leave my keys here. Phew!
I am so glad you followed me today on Twitter! I immediately went to your web and then to iTunes. You are amazing sir! You have a new fan for sure. I wish you all the luck in the world. God bless!
Hi Jaden you are very talented,your facebook friend Kessie Mary C x
Hi Jaden! So I was currently listening to your tracks, and I guess I should start listening to the ones I’m familiar which is sadly, just one (The Prayer). You really have an amazing talent, and a very splendid voice!!!! 🙂 I’m sorry for over-reacting but I am really amazed. One more, you sang a Tagalog song! That is one stellar job!!! 😀 You did really great!

I just hope that I could join you in your tours, you know, sing with you or something 😀

You have a good heart, too. 🙂 I’ll always remember you.. 😀
Hi Jaden your voice is amazing i first heard your voice ewhen my ex partner who you use to support when you worked as a support worker showed me a couple of videos on youtube. I then saw you on britians got talent and thought the judges was very foolish to let you go you have amazing talent i hope you keep it up love becky xxxx
Jaden you are an amazing singer. Great guy and you have saved me in so many ways. Thank you keep up the good work…x
Hello Dear Jaden. You have an incredible voice (Excellent). Remarkable talent!!. We hope to see you in the future.
Jaden, I have your CD and I love it. It was great to met you in person at Olivia’s shows in the UK. One day I want to attend to one of yours. You have a friend in Spain. My very best to you.
Jaden, saw you a few years ago at the devon county show. I was so taken with your voice. Could of listened to you all day. tell everyone about you. What you do for charity is a credit to you.
thank you
from one of your older fans
What a fantastic cd Jaden. Love it! You have a beautiful and amazing voice.
I am so excited for you coming to the states again…..I wonder how often you will be near me……..
Chanced upon your page via Twitter (LondonQueer) and, seeing as your music is exactly up my street, had to take a look. So glad I did!
Jaden, Hearing you and meeting you in NYC was wonderful! Your voice was moving and powerful! I was already a fan before that, and I will be one always!
First time (CD) – in my car………….I and the car survived being ‘blown away’ with the voice singing ‘his’ song………..Second time (LIVE!) – Club LeBuzz, Marietta (Atlanta) Georgia USA, I sat listening enraptured, and you’re in ‘rare’ company, as Karen Carpenter, Natalie Cole, and Il Divo are the only others who have captured my heart, soul and spirit through voice/song.
Jaden, all we can say is thank you for sharing your wonderful talent . You have been down to Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church a few times now & everyone loves you. We always have to make sure that we have plenty of tissues as your singing touches people’s hearts. The voice of an Angel is so true in your case. You are such a kind hearted young man, always working for Charity in your own time. You deserve to have your name in lights, for you are amazing. We feel blessed to call you a friend. Keep going Jaden, your gonna make it Big. Xxxxxx
when you came to Xanadu in Ashford Kent for the christmas party and performed you was absoutley terrific and your voice is beyound words to describe. keep up thee good work Jaden!!!
Jaden performed for me recently at our winter showcase in Sandbanks, Dorset, and he was AMAZING!!!!
Would highly recommend Jaden to anyone.
Please feel free to call me if you want a reference 0845 5483836.
Good work are an inspiration to the Youths.God bless you!
was in slough today, stopped in my tracks when you started singing……. what a voice!!!!!
you truely blow me away.
had to buy your cd, how could i not!!!!
a voice and looks to match, from what ive been reading youve a massive heart too…
im loving you xxx
Jaden… Wow.. Wow… and triple Wow!!
I had the great pleasure of watching you perform at Newton Abbot Spirit Church and was totally blown away with your presence….inspirtations and of course your voice. 🙂
What comes out of your being is quite extrodinary. You project such passion.. love… inspiration.. and joy to everyone from all walks of life.
Your are a wonderful soul creating a positive light to all and especially for those who need the magic you sprinkle and add to our world. Love and Peace and please continue creating world harmony and the safety net your aiming to provide. x x x
Jaden..what a blessing you are. I just finished reading your blog…looking at the pictures of your time in Augusta, Atlanta, and with the kids in the orphanage. What a heart you have for those who are hurting! I know those of us who met you in Augusta fell in love just a bit! Something special and extraordinary happened in our corner of the world during Thanksgiving week, and it was you! I am thankful that you are supporting Miracle League and The Family Y of Greater Augusta, but I am thankful MOST of all for your sweet and generous spirit. Sending love your way…Katie’s Mom (Melrose!)
I have had the pleasure of receiving two cd’s as a gift from my dear cousin from Devon. I have been totally blessed to hear such a wonderful talent. Your voice can really reach out and touch a persons sole. I hope I get to see you live oneday. Sharon from WA
You have an Amazing voice and incredible talent.
you have amazing talent. being aable to hear you live was great and also being a part of your show was even better even though i just pressed play lol. you have a bright future and you are doing wonders so keep it up.
Listening to you sing, then watching AND listening to you sing………….I had one of those very few cases of ‘WOW!’ and ‘ahhhhhhhhhhhhh’ at the same time.
Please, never stop sharing your talent and profession, and your willingness to help and assist others.
And remember, TAKE TIME OUT WHEN NEEDED. Driving yourself to pieces doesn’t not benefit you, and causes stress. Be nice to yourself.

I love and miss you, lovely Jaden.
Wishing you success from here to the twinkly stars, around the world and back again. Mwah. xx
When I 1st heard your voice at the grand opening of xanadu I couldn’t believe it, you was brilliant its beyound words to describe your voice, keep it up x

Had not only the pleasure of hearing JC perform in Augusta but got to set up the sound system! If you find Jaden with-in 100 miles of your location its worth the trip to see and hear him perform. Such an amazing talent! Come back in late April and you can be in the wedding!
Naomi, my mom, and I had so much fun showing u around town. It was a pleasure to do it. As you know Naomi is a special needs with a lot of energy. We enjoyed hearing u sing on Saturday and Sunday. You have a beautiful voice. We will miss you. Hope to see u soon.
Hi Jaden! I play on the the Miracle League baseball team in Augusta. It is cool that you try so hard to help other people. I am excited about getting to meet you with Ms. Kathy!
Jaden, Debi and I enjoyed meeting you last night and having you join us for the Christmas Lights.We hope you enjoyed your visit with us.If by some chance you can make it to St. Thomas on May 4th, you are invited to share in our wedding.Let me know how I can get the pictures I took last night to you.They all turned out good.You are always welcome here in Augusta.Although I am sure you get that kind of response all the time.I admire your dedication to charitable organizations.Especially those involving children.Debi and I both are parents of special needs children.My daughter Kaitlyn and her daughter Gia.So as you can imagine, anything involving special needs children is near and dear to our hearts.I hope we can stay in touch Jaden. Keith
Come visit Cape Cod someday! I will host you!
Hiya! I saw you’re show last night at THE OLD MARKET INN in Holsworthy it was amazing! I loved the songs especially the ones from Grease! Hope too see another show again soon! Thanks Jaden for an amamzing evening! xx
HI me dear…. thanks for an amazing eve at Holsworthy…such great voices… You really put your heart in it…my friends are now smitten with you… love the 2nd CD…. thanks for your work for Breast Cancer XXXXXXXXXXX
Fantastic night & great supports Sue & Caz. Caz has an absolutely amazing voice-had a big lump in my throat when she sang. fantastic amount of money raises for good cause.
Hi Jaden, great to see you and Kaz and Sue last night at The Old Market Inn, Holsworthy. You are all brilliant.

Jaden (Kaz & Sue) you are amazing!! keep up the good work. what a fabulous night at The Old Market Inn, Holsworthy. Will definitely be followers from now on xxxxx
Wonderful voice! Great personality! looking forward to seeing you again soon..keep up the good work 🙂
Another GREAT night out listening to Jaden and also Caz and Sue singing at the Old market Inn Holsworthy, raising over £1000 for breast cancer causes, how AMAZING well done Jaden and Looking forward to seeig you on the 26th october at the muddiford in in barnstaple xxx
I have seen, read, and visited your live and sung/recorded music and text site. Now. to meet you in person, I thank you for the work you do, and continue to do………….and another hand is held, and the other extended to continue the hope……………
heard you on saturday at slough, brought 2 cd,s
have fallen in love with your music, will be following
you in your future, very good luck, and a thankyou
for all your charity work, i am in awe of you.#
love linda
I am the manager of Ryman in Slough. Heard you today you were fantastic. Hope you will make another appearence soon. Will be downloading your music

A really great show at Newton Abbot Spiritualist Church last evening. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but wasn’t I wrong!!
Beautiful songs sung by someone who truly is a spiritual person. Powerful yet gentle.
Waiting in anticipation for the launch of nature’s Miracle its going to go into orbit your awesome Jay. x G
hey jaden, this is bentley from Dubai really love your music!! wish you all the best you deserve it 🙂 ill be in the UK on Aug hope to see you perform live.
Noticed that you were following me on Twitter. Checked out your website and was so deeply touched by your exquisite voice. Please try out for the American Idol show (or) the Simon’s Cowl’s show X-Factor…The song ‘Where You Are’ is spectacular. Your voice is so lovely to listen too. Definitely a gift given to you by God! So pleasantly suprised I must say! Good luck on your album and I will be watching for it…You must get National Attention so please go on the X Factor because you would win that is for sure. One suggestion and I hope you are not offended…Please loose the chin piercing. When I look at you while singing it keeps attracting my attention away from you/a destraction rather. Plus, it would make you look more professional and devilishly handsome. You already are quite handsome, but it would be a definite improvement if you go global.
Great Pix mate. Loving the website
Thank you so much for the superb entertainment last Friday. Sarah Louise and yourself made Chris,s president night one to remember.
Hi Jaden the website is looking good.Its nice to see someone believing in the people that are lost and can find hope and someone to shine that light from within to help others. Keep up the good work.:-)
#1 Fan!
Just got my CD the other day and its AMAZING…If you have not picked up your copy yet…You should do so….
Jaden, Nice work Bud!! you have one of the best voices Ive heard in a long time and your musical style is great!!!
You got yourself a new fan… 🙂
Cool site Jaden.
I love the little you in the corner! 😀
Did you know that after you say about the contact page you disappear??? Loving the new mini you though. xxx
save me a CD. Will buy after christmas. Love ya! xx
Hi Jaden,

Just passing through 🙂

Bought the second album

Love and blessings xx
Hello Jaden, I wanted to let you know, I love music from the last 90 years and the songs that you do are incredible. You have so much versality it is amazing. It seems no matter what type or beat you are singing it is going to be topnotch. I hope the new year brings much success and happiness.. Thank you for such fantastic music.
Awesome website brother !! May you continue to shine in all of your achievements !!!!!!
Hey Jaden, so would of loved a new album of yours in my stocking this year but will just have to continue wearing out the other one 😉

Also wanted to let you know about our charity event we held in Leigh-on-Sea in October for Inflammatory Breast Cancer and had a very successful day and final total should be approx GBP 11k raised….was so worth it for such a worthwhile cause and wanted to a make more people aware of this.

Have a great Christmas and New Year xx
Just passing through…..xx

Myself and family were at the “Ealing’s Got Talet” show on Thurs 13th Oct, where you deservedly came 1st. You are such an inspiration and have the most wonderful voice and pressence. The MS charity is very dear to our hearts as my father, who suffered for many years, passed awy on 2nd Nov 2010. I know for sure that if he had been at the event with us you woudl have had him in tears with your beautiful voice.

Many congratulations and wish you lots of success. We will follow your success on your webiste.

Laura Pitcher & family
You impressed so many people tonight at Sonja & Nick’s Wedding. We already knew how amazing your voice was but a lot of people hadn’t heard you before. They all went away singing your praises and are hoping to support you at your Muddiford gig in 2 weeks time.

Thanks for putting me at ease when singing The Prayer, it was great to be back in front of a microphone and to sing with such a talented man!

Take care.

Kate xx
Well done on getting through to the next round of the Open Mic UK – I told you you would do great!

Looking forward to seeing you on the 15th October at my Wedding Reception.

Hi Jaden
I have ben away on a 4 month holiday
so hense the late reply,
Keep rockin, love your music
Hi look forward to getting the new album and good luck with all your charity work
A new version of Live the Dream? But I likethe old one! Can’t wait to buy your next cd. Love ya lots hun. Oh, and cross your fingers for me, I have a second date tomorrow nigth and its looking promising!! 😉
Been listening to your tracks mate. Very good stuff. I love the duet in the Prayer. You have a great voice, and will go very far. Many congratulations. Jules Knight (Blake)
You have such a beautiful voice, and your music very special, the work you do for these causes is amazing. Thanks for bringing such beautiful things to life.
Hi Matey.. just having a little nosy on what your doing.

Will come and see the parachute jump when your down this way…

Take Care

hi buddy, we just had a little Jaden on our t.v lmao, talking to us in our lounge. Just to say a big well done on your album release, hope it all goes well. There are no limits to what we can achieve in this life. Please check out my site and let me know if its ok to link with yours. im also following you on twitter. Good luck my man, see you soon hopefully.

Big Hugs
Nick and Gaynor
Hello Jaden!
You are AWESOME! Your work is so great. “To help those who can’t fight for themselves”. I hope I become more famous to help you more.

I wish you and all your friends here a wonderful time from germany. Hope springs eternal !!!

Your friend Dirk (D!Raven)
Hallo Jaden!

i allways enjoy visiting your site and listening to your songs. Best wishes out of germany.
Just checking in, seeing if you’re ok.

Much love as always
hayley xx
Awesome Site keep up the great work and GOD speed in all you do. Be blessed!
its a shame u are down the road would love to get to one of your gigs,your singing is amazing, and your charity work,well done..
Oh my gosh, Jaden… best thing ever! xxx
Great site.Good luck in all you do.
Fantastic work you are douing you make a lot of difference to many peoples lives may you be blessed with love and happiness in life xx thankyou for everything that you do for everyone
Jaden, your voice is beautiful and your work is wonderful. I Always enjoy visiting your site and listening to your songs. You have a special gift and I am very grateful that you are sharing it with the World. Wishing you All the best!
Jaden love the site, and love what your doing! Good work 🙂
Hey Jaden – Always a joy to see you at work on various great causes & I am glad to call you a friend – Be safe & Be well – James
Jaden, you have been so busy and are doing so much good work – what an inspiration to all others you are! The voice of an angel …. and the heart of one too. T x
Morning, Boi. Hope you are well and happy. You was in my dream last night. It was all about the high winds and a flooded lake.
keep up the good work mate.
You made a lot of kids happy in Romania at Christmas time 2010; thank you so much! Great site 🙂
Great site!
Hey men your site is just wonderful, I have had a look men its just perfect. Keep up you good work.
regsrds, Joab.
Went to watch Jaden Cornelious and Sarah-Louise Ward last night at the First In Last Out, Bideford. AMAZING voices and sing so well together. A thoroughly brilliant set, and what a mixture of songs, from his own stuff, Classical with Pavarotti, songs from the shows and even some pop! You must go and see him / them if you ever get the chance. Their voices even brought a tear to my eye, very moving. Well done guys! Lots of love. XXX

You are beautiful inside and out. Your voice makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Keep up the good work inspiring boy.
Bridget xxx
Hey Man, great site you got here. We’re FB friends, buddy. So say hey anytime.
Pleased to report that the Jaden Cornelious Foundation toy collection is en route to Romanian orphanages. I’m really impressed by the support everyone in the South West UK has given us.
Keep up the good work Jaden!
Like what you do….you have a heart, well done.
Hello 🙂
Hey Jaden,

3 words – amazing, amazing, amazing!! Well done Jaden – you’re an inspiration.

Your number 1 groupie 🙂

Hope you’ve been practising your steps!! We can’t keep starting again because of you!! 🙂
Hey Jaden,

3 words – amazing, amazing, amazing!! Well done Jaden – you’re an inspiration.

Your number 1 groupie 🙂

Hope you’ve been practising your steps!! We can’t keep starting again because of you!! 🙂
hey jaden….

ur voice is amazing for me…. wish u make new album and tour of word and visit to asia….

keep singing………………

best regards
Interesting sire and voice. Did like it.
Continue like that. All sounds very good.

Hi Jaden, great new site. You are an amazing guy, when will you come to perform in Holland?
hugs, jan
You are having a great site on the Web! even more I vey much liked the video clips! Well Done mate!
You are a wonderful guy and an amazing singer!
Whishing you a great success!!!!!!!!
hi thereee 🙂
thanks for the big sheep invite,, im afraid my throat infection hasn’t sprung upon me yet 🙁
Hey 🙂
Amazing little man in the corner of your website, I loved it. And thanks for the invite to come to the Big Sheep tonight. If my “cold” gets any worse I may just have to call in sick at work! 😉 haha
WOW….! love the foundation web site. Pleasure to be working with you cathy and the other guys and gals xxx
Hey hey!!

You are truly one amazing guy….with equally amazing hair 😉
Really looking forward to seeing you sing and no doubt you will continue to surprise me with all you do 🙂

See you soon xx
Diane & Ian Parker of Northam, Devon would like to thank Jaden for the wonderful entertainment he provided for their 40th Wedding Anniversary on 4th July 2010.

His selection of beautifully sung solos together with duets accompanied by delightful local singer Sarah-Louise Jones left hardly a dry eye amongst the guests at Orchard Hill Hotel, Bideford.

The atmosphere made us feel dizzy with romance – a truly memorable day.
well J, i knows you well and for quite a while now. love the new website. it does you credit
Hey Jaden, Not only are you a fantastic singer but you are so warm and encouraging and the best friend a girl can have. Thank you so much for all your help and support

Love Sarah A
It was great to meet you.We wanted to hear more of your stunning voice. Hope to catch another performance soon.
Hi there, Jaden. I’m doing my part, friend. It’s VERY nice to meet you. I’ll talk more with you soon.
hi dear friend, feeling good knowing you and your foundation, your work, keep smiling.
Hi, Jaden! I am thrilled by my accidental discovery of you and your amazing voice! I am blessed to call you my friend, and like so many others, I wish to do all I can to aid you in supporting such worthy causes.

You have blessed so many with your talents and generosity. I pray you are equally blessed in return.

Much Love,
I like the site.

I think I have listened to all your songs, but would like to know where I can purchase your cds.

I have one song as my mobile phone ringtone.

I have been inspired by your ethos and fundraising achievements and wish to help all I can.

I like the site.

I think I have listened to all your songs, but would like to know where I can purchase your cds.

I have one song as my mobile phone ringtone.

I have been inspired by your ethos and fundraising achievements and wish to help all I can.

hi just to say that i found your videos looking for the song don´t cut me down, heeeyyy have a beautiful voice, love it, and you´re doing a great job, always an example for the rest of us send a big hug and congratulations.
Great website Jay. Your talent really stuns me and I hope more and more people will enjoy it soon. x
Hi Jaden just like to say a very big thank you for making our wedding day so special the songs you sang were amazing and everyone was stund once again thank you hope to see you soon at the Queens Theatre will be keeping an eye to see if anything else comes up Alison and Fred xx
hi Jaden. Saw you at the devon county show!! You were terrific!! Such a talent!! Hope to watch you again soon!! Am telling everyone about you. take care. x
You are sooo hot mate and your music is amazing – can’t wait for my own personal serenade ;P

PS did I mention how fit u are?
Hi Jaden, just checking in. Hope you are well and happy and only good things are happening in your life. Miss you. xx
Hi Jaden,

Just donated £10 to the fund – really hope we can get the total to £9000!

Caz xx
Dear Jaden,

Such an inspiration to page through your site. You are indeed a bright star generating so much positive energy!

Best regards,


Hey Lovely what a wonderful 6 months doing the Totally Olivia Tour, with you I enjoyed it so much I even broke myself on the last night. I am blessed to have met you and have already started working on the next project..lots of love

Sarah A
Hi Jaden…

Just wanted to say how easy it was to donate to the causes you are supporting! I just clicked on the donate button and it took me through so i could log in my paypal details and away it went.

Your a great friend and miss you now your back in the big smoke..But will be seeing you soon.

Heres to JCGC DIVAs!
Really great that you can come and sing at our summer fete in July and we are really looking forward to meeting you. I will be in touch nearer the time about all the little details.

Northam Lodge Annual Summer Fete, Saturday July 10th 2010, 12noon – 4.00pm to be held at Rose Hill, Heywood Road, Bideford EX39 3PG.
Jaden, what can I say, you are an incredible human being, a blessing to the world 🙂 I love you….
Hey Jaden
Well done the work you do is phenomenal, you are an inspiration to us all

Take care
Hi Jaden,

I have been a devoted fan for many years, remember me, I introduced you to Glyn in Australia and you two got together and he composed and you sang his song GLADNESS CRAWLINGS…I follow your career from time to time and I can only wish you the very best now and in the future…best regards
Hi Jaden,

Very well done and congratulations for all your efforts.


Cara Louise
great news hope all goes well in the future, Keep up the great work you are all doing.
Hi Jaden,

It’s been a long time and you have been busy, I think this is great and I will be popping in much more now that I have finally made contact xxxxxxxx
Dear Jaden,

Just sending you and your efforts, lots of love:)
Hi Jaden,
Nice side.Did you ever managed to collect “The Bill” and few other bits for your auction?Hope it was useful’
I hear that you are coming to Devon to our big
Charity Day Out?It will be so nice to meet you in person.
Meanwhile all the best!

Check the Devon event info at

magdalena x
this is wonderful!!!!!!! anything i can do to help just let me know!!!
Nice one Jaden – keep up the good work m8!!
Hi J, wishing you lots of luck with everything that is happening in your life. You’re a true star and deserve bucket loads of success.
Hugs xx
Hey Jaden
Well done and good luck mate – onwards and upwards mate.

“The music business is a cruel & shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves & pimps run free, and good men die like dogs for no good reason…..
There is also a negative side.”
Howdy partnah!!! Cheers from Tejas!!! 😀
Hey Uncle Jaden Wishing You Luck Raising What You Need To Raise Love You Loads From Danielle x
A big heart and pure intent know no boundaries so, I guess, the USA will just be the beginning! Congratulations on the new ‘outpost’ and may the Foundation grow from strength to strength.
Love Terry x
PS I hope that I haven’t caused a headache with the amount of toys I delivered (with the help of my sister and brother-in-law). The people of Torbay have been very generous!!
Hi Mate, Wishing you all the success in the world. I’m sure you’ll wow them in the States, but, whatever happens, just ‘keep on keepin’ on’ it’ll happen eventually.
Cheers Rich.T

Hello dear Jaden. It’s Pawo here from the Gesar Foundation. We have been friends for a long time now and no person could possibly be more delighted for those you serve then me.
It is my humble opinion, but I believe you are a great person, with a personality that countless living beings will benefit by. Your generosity is boundless. Your essense will fan the globe.
May countless beings benefit from your birth and may your mother be forever blessed.
I love you dearly dear man, congratulations to you and your team for all you have achieved for others.
Hello dear Jaden. It’s Pawo here from the Gesar Foundation. We have been friends for a long time now and no person could possibly be more delighted for those you serve then me.
It is my humble opinion, but I believe you are a great person, with a personality that countless living beings will benefit by. Your generosity is boundless. Your essense will fan the globe.
May countless beings benefit from your birth and may your mother be forever blessed.
I love you dearly dear man, congratulations to you and your team for all you have achieved for others.
Hi Jaden & Co, wishing you all the best and success. Greetings from the U.K. Owen & boys.
Well, you have come a long way since that day you walked into the shop many years ago. Who da thought it ay?! Well done you… xxx
Hi J

Well done. You are truly an amazing fella, kind, compassionate and thoughtful to all you know and even those you dont know – yet! Hope all goes well in Texas for you and The Foundation. Onwards and upwards – there is no stopping you and you are getting the recognition you so deserve. Take care and God Bless you. Pearl X
Jaden Cornelious – what can I say?!
My life has certainly been more blessed and enriched since knowing you. It is an absolute pleasure to work with you and an honour to call you, not only ‘friend’, but ‘brother’. Always know that you are loved and supported.
Here’s to your success in every area of your life. Get into the vortex Baby!
Hi Fella,

Just passing by, great looking website and good to see your still singing 🙂

Take care matey, hope to see you soon.


Just wanted to thank you for an entertaining show last night with Wendy and Chris at The Prince of Wales, Holcombe Rogus!!! What a turnout and over £370 raised for your charities with a cheque donation to follow.
Only one Olivia show left to go at Westward Ho! and I somehow think there will be some suprises along the way at that one………..
Thank you for letting me a part of this project I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world. xxx
Fantastic event yesterday at Lupton House and what a great cause to support!
The singers are fab…. Well Done!

Thank you for a lovely evening,

Tammy xxx
Enjoyed the concert at Lupton Hall very much indeed. In fact, by far the best concert we’ve seen in years. Brilliant performance, good cause, hope you come back to this area again soon.
lol hey Jaden, great site you got there! keep on singing!

You have talent beyond what my words can describe. When are you coming to Boston?????
I too want to thank you for letting me sam and nathan be a part of the TOTT. you have given me back my life.

Love all of JCGC and of course you xxxx

debs x
Hi J well I want to say how much I love being part of JGCG, I never thought in a million years i would be doing something like this and enjoying it so much……but the best part for me has to be the lovely people i would never have met if i hadn’t joined with you so the HUGEST, BIGGEST THANK YOU to you and all the JCGC guys. What we need now is some good turn outs for the fabulous shows that you put on each week.

Lots of love and eternal friendship (even when you become a huge star)

Sarah A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ohh it’s just so exciting being part of this tour I am loving every minute of it. I just want to say Jay that I am so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to do something so rewarding. I also have to say a huge thank you to Cathy for pushing me to come along and audition in the first place. Each week the shows get better and better and it’s wonderful to see such great feedback!

Hang in there my darling, you really are a true star and a wonderful friend and I am sure you are very close to being where you should be and making it big honey.

Thank you again sweet.

Lots of love

Caz xxxxx
Jaden I saw your show in West London last night it was amazing. What a blast to hear all those wondeful Olivia Songs and images and all in a good cause, It was a great evening, Thanks so much!

Highlights for me were A Little More Love, Landslide and Twist of fate.

The vocals of the lady singing the Grease songs and more are just amazing, she’s a star in the making.

Instument of Peace was so moving….

I posted a review of your concert on the Only Olivia Web site message board, hope you like it!
Hi there J. Keep up the good work you’re an inspiration to us all. x
Jaden, I love your website, and I love all of the work that you are doing. By the way, thank you as well for joining our group as well. My best to you now and always. If I ever cross the pond, which is what I long to do, I will buy you dinner….xoxo
Hi Jaden, What A Pleasure Listening 2 Your Music. You R The Best. Love ya. xxx
Dear Jaden,
From one musician to another – you rock!!!
I am always thrilled to meet talented people as yourself.
The cause you support is a noble one and as a woman I take a bow.
Happy New Year, my friend!

hi jaden…..
Your such a great singer… your voice is very nice when your singing.. keep it up… just do it with the grace.. ^_^ ahaha take care mr. jaden.. just be good.. thats all …tnx for being my friend………
Hi Jade!!
Im to happy today to meet you for the first time,i thing you are a special men,you are like and angel for the people with problems of health and more!! im happy to be yOur friend now.
I wish you for the next year, 2010 the best in your personal and professional life.Be always the same.
A big hug and kiss from your Colombian friend in Barcelona!! EXITOS!!
Hi jaden!
great to her your sons again…

Just have to say that I’m so proud to be involved with the Jaden Cornelious Foundation and the good causes we’re supporting. Keep up the good work Jaden and JCGC, and glad to have Jen, Mark and Tracy aboard along with our other patrons. xxx
Hi Jaden,
I enjoyed meeting you again at the Young Stars of the Future concert on Thursday. You sang beautifully as ever!
We must get together to record The Wish Fulfilling Tree with my children’s choir. I have listened to your recording….lovely!
Lets do it after your TOT has ended in late Spring 2010. Love and Peace to you beautiful Jaden. Frances
hello jaden..your website looks great!! good luck with everything.. listened to some of your music..sounds gd!!! good luck in the future and take care!! hope to keep in touch..your a nice bloke!!!!!! from donna and keiran!..and kian
Wow! New dates added. Will have to make a new poster for my kitchen window!!! Keep going mate, we’re all behind you. xxx Oh, do you need to update your total? I’m sure it said the same thing two weeks ago.
Hi Jaden
Sorry haven’t responded sooner.
Thanks for a fantastic show the other month at the Old Market in Holsworthy. Everyone loved it, maybe next year for something else.

Cheers mate

great site 😉
love your music too 😀
thanks for the link to your site Jaden 😉
Just stopped by to say hello and have a look around. Great music and great what you’re doing too!
Just stopped by to say hello and have a look around. Great music and great what you’re doing too!
Just stopped by to say hello and have a look around. Great music and great what you’re doing too!
would just like to say i love your voice and im looking forward to hearing more of it. all the best and keep up the good work. 🙂 x Matty xx
Hiya you!! just a little line to let you know we all thoroughly enjoyed your singing at Chelcies party you brought tears to our eyes (lots!!) you are a star xx
Just to say I was also lucky enough to see you all perform on Saturday and found it a very uplifting experience. From seeing JCGC during rehersals and seeing them now, they have come on in leaps and bounds! And all because of you Jaden and I am proud to know you. Thank you
i love your song very mush
hi your voice are very nice I love your song number 3 but I FEEL FROM YOUR PICTURE YOU ARE MUST TO SINGING AS ROCK OR COUNTRY THANK YOU
I was lucky to be at Pilton Hall on Saturday with my family. Individually your singers are great. I took on board your comments about their
past problems. Forget the past. Concentrate on the future. We know your voice and your classical talents are excellent. This must not detract from
the individual talents of your singing colleagues. I will do all I can to support you and your cause. Congratulations!
Hi Jaden,

Just to say well what a laugh when i couldnt say the song title last nite.oh well thats show bizz as they say but at least it got a laugh and sarah is back for next show.I think i should just look after ur safety,Heres to the next show.

Hi everyone,
Just watched you all at Pilton Hall, you all sang so well and I found myself singing along to a lot of the Olivia tracks. Well done for raising money for a cause close to our hearts, one of our friends sat with us has suffered breast Cancer and is recovering from surgery only a week ago, she really enjoyed the show tonight.

We have to say that after your performance singing the very impressive ‘Italian’? solo we all decided that our husbands/partners need to stand below our bedroom windows and serenade us in the manner you did for us tonight! it would make for four VERY happy ladies!! 😉

Keep up the great work and if you need any more backing singers then give us a shout!

Thanks so much

Yahh, I saw ur work. very nice and like it. keep it up…
hey i told ya that i would check ya out! be sure and check out my band too! see ya!
Keep up the good work J…you will reep what you sow babe

love ya debs x
Wow….what a blast from the past!!!

Im a fan from the B-yond days (was it really 12/13 years ago!!!) after we were in touch following your Blue Peter performance.

What can i say, im so pleased that something made me google you….

Your charity work and music is so inspiring and such a pleasant find…what a change but such a brilliant one at that. Keep up the hard work and effort and im sure youll continue to be blessed with fulfilling work.

Ill certainly be dropping onto this site more often to keep up with your news.

Take Care xxx
Hey Jaden! I’m glad that I be you’re friend….
Hope that we speak a lot….and maybe we can do a duet …
You’re website is great !! so are U….
Big X Mark
Wow, Breast Cancer awareness you have no idea what that means to me keep up the good work and your voice is amazing!!! I got chills!! he he
Hi Jaden, I am one of your friends in youtube. I’ve just found out what you are up to and i am so glad that i’ve given a chance to know you. I wished i could help also, i just don’t know yet how. Well, i’ve written few songs through the influence and inspiration of my idol OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN and if given a chance, i am so willing to contribute.
Thanks for such a lovely evening we all really enjoyed it, im so glad that that your foundation could come to our little town and we raised money for sure a good cause
Hi Jaden, keep up the good work! Good luck with your tour. Sorry I can’t be there to see any of the Totally Olivia shows. Tosca
Hola Jaden! un abrazo muy fuerte desde Barcelona!

Such a great night, (at South Molton Rugby Club) thank you to ALL of you, especially to Beth who was such an inspiration. Jaden, you have a great bunch of people working with you. Well done to all of you, and good luck with the rest of your tour xx
Thank you so much for a great evening of entertainment on Friday 9 October to raise money for Jakobi’s CLIC Sargent fund. We raised over £3,500! Thanks also to Caz (Caroline Whale) and Mike Bess who also put on great performances. Good luck with all the “Totally Olivia” shows.
hey jaden

good to hear from you. its been donkeys year since we last saw eachother lol

speak to you soon

x x x
Darling J…

My heart swells with pride and love to be a part of the TEAM. I am so happy to be on this journely witn you with JCGC JC and ZAMU.

Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are and for being my business partner. Long may we change the world for a better place.

Love you

debs x

PS nathan loves ya a bit too lol

pps brits baffs bions and bob send you hugs xxx
Dear J

Thanks for inviting me along for the ride it is an honour and a pleasure to narrate for your tour anyone who has not experienced the show it is a great evening for a great cause for only £5

Love you JC & JGCG
Hi Jaden, I just wanted to say that you are a true inspiration and wanted to wish you and JCGC all the best for the tour. I came to The Plough in Torrington with a couple of friends and had a great evening and hope to come to a few more. I’ve seen the photos of your fire walk and wish I could have been there to support. It looks like you all had a great time for a very worth while cause. Good luck with the rest of the tour. Nicola xx


Great evening on Friday 25th September – at the Plough Torrington – inspite of one enthusiastic “friend” bopping and jumping around in her seat and thus everyone in the same row being bounced around. Jaden sings Olivia’s songs with great feeling and in a key that works beyond what you can imagine if you know Olivia’s songs. Believe me – it works and you must go as you will not be disappointed – rather, you will be entertained. The JCGC (Jaden Cornelious’s Gorgeous Choir) are just that as well as being brave, funny (for all the right reasons!) and an excellent and significant support throughout. Thank you and well done!
Hi Jaden,
Just dropping by to say hi and wish you all the best with the music.

Take care.

Kenny Thomas
Hello JC:) thank you for the link to your great web page I love it so much on here and very informative, I will indeed be as frequent visitor, to see whats new and keep up with you , now you my friend take care and stay safe
much love and respect to you
and my very best always x x x
Hello Jaden, I’ve seen your videos and the work you are doing to raise funds for charities against breast cancer. I hope you have a wonderful trip through these six months of concerts and get collecting £ 10,000.
Good luck and all my admiration, a big hug

Hi Jaden & JCGC
Some friends and us came to see you at the Plough on the 25th of September 2009.
We came not knowing what to expect, without knowledge of your singing career.
Wow! Your voice is fantastic and your backing singers’ were great!
We thoroughly enjoyed the show, loved it when you sang some extra classical songs.
We all loved the show so much; we shall all come and see it again, and bring more friends!

I just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed the gigs that we have done so far!I CANNOT stop singing ONJ songs!:) I really look forward to all the gigs because it so amazing to be doing this!And each day I realize that this wouldnt be possible without you!:) Thank you so much for makeing my dream to sing come true!!xxxxx
All good feedback from the Plough gig and good to know that we’ve gone through the first £1,000 barrier with fund raising! Roll on the Muddiford Inn Firewalk next weekend and the Inn on the Square on 10th October for the Totally Olivia Tour. xx
I absolutely loved the energy, attitude and smiles that your Gorgeous Choir bought across. I really enjoyed what i saw of the performance at Pollyfield Centre and was gutted i couldnt come early enough to see all of it! When it had finished i wanted to hear more! I think its a bloody brilliant thing your doing and i wish you all the best in future performances!
Hi Jaden

Just wanted to say what a fantastic show you and your backing group put on for your Totally Olivia Tour evening at Prince of Wales on 11 September. It was a great night of entertainment as well as raising all money for Olivia’s breast cancer charity. Looking forward to hearing you sing again at Jakobi’s CLIC Sargent Concert in Taunton. It’s great that you and your friends give up your time to raise so much money for all these good causes. Chris x
We really had no idea what a treat we were in for at the Prince of Wales on Friday 11 Sept. What a blast of a night, fantastic singing from you and your Gorgeous Choir – sensitive, heart touching and fun performances. The added bonus was knowing we were raising cash for such great charities. Well done to the fantastic hosts Wendy and Chris and their hard working team too!!
Whhhoooaa – what a good night at the Prince of Wales Inn, Holcombe Rogus – you and JCGC are stars!!! Landlady and landlord Wendy and Chris did us proud and the audience were just great. £600+ raised and now only £9,400+ to go!!!
Hi Jaden, Just wanted to wish you and JCGC all the best for the tour. Hope to catch up with you at a couple of the venues. You are a true star and an inspiration to those around you. Hope you all have a fabulous time.
Janet x
Totally Olivia Gig today at St Johns HQ one word F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S Thanks for letting me come along on for the ride, you were all amazing

love light and many blessings

Sarah xx
was a great concert at the st.john ambulance…..hope u enjoyed being an ambualnce man for abit, i’ll keep the seat warm for you lol

Wayne from St. John Ambulance, Barnstaple
Wow just watched the rehearsal for ‘Totally Olivia’ (Lucky for me as a St John first aider) and was amazed and how much work you’ve all done i will definately be visiting one or two of the gigs and bringing lots of people. You’ve all done brilliantly today and hope it goes well. Hopefully my first aid won’t be needed. much luck to all gem x
hi jaden……still living the dream, ur a true inspiration to us all….loving the music, and the look, keep up the good work….im still after one specific song u done but cant remember the title, its from a couple years ago, and u sang it in green lanes, and it was on lantern….any idea how i can find out, if i see the title or hear the track i will no straight away xxx lots of love n light to u xx
Hi Jaden,
Heard you first at QOLAS and you blew me away. Looking forward to listening to you again at the OLd Market Inn. Have been singing your praises to all and sundry so hopefully people will listen and turn out for this very deserving charity. Best of luck to you and JCGC with the tour. Take care. xx
hi mate I see your webpage has improved Great…I listened to you on the radio programme..nice for the non-english residents…hope you all the best my Olivia friend
Hi Jaden,

What a pleasure it was to meet you recently. You are a sweetheart. Not only are you a truly talented and gifted performer but also a beautiful, generous and selfless soul willing to step out there to help others.

You have made a lasting impression on me and I’m quite happy to sing your praises to all and sundry wherever I go and do all I can personally to help.

Hang in there Jaden, what you are doing is so valued and your persistence will pay off. Thank you for your efforts and I know you will be rewarded very soon.

Many blessings and big hugs
Hi Jaden

what can i say about you that hasn’t already been said, you are just unique in your enthusiasm for your music your charities your friends and your life among all the strife you always find time to smile I have to say I am honoured to be a part of the totally Olivia tour but luckily for you I don’t have to sing, loadsa love Sarah xxxx
I met Jaden last week whilst in Devon (UK) in August 2009. I also witnessed him singing at rehearsals and at a small country pub. To to say I was impressed would be a gross understatement. This man is a star in the making. He has a great voice, is talented and versatile. He sings brilliantly in Italian, Spanish and English. He is also equally comfortable singing opera, pop, classics or rock. What’s more he has the looks, the style and presentation to take him to the top!
Hello darlin,thought I’d better take a look at your lovely site and it’s really rather good! Keep it up mate and looking forward to Zamba coming soon!
Hi Jaden!!!.I wish you all the best in your tour and in the rest of your life.You deserve it.
good luck & all the best
Good luck with the tour Jaden. With your fantastic voice and talent I reckon you’ll get a lot more fans!
Margaret x
You deserve a lot of recognition for your talent and charity work – someone sing him up
He should be in charts
heyy jaden wubu2? u have an amazzing voice wish i could sing like u will see u soon
luv u from chloe .xxxx

hi jaden,first of all i think you got a fab voice i love i honestly love you,i been a fan of olivia newton john since grease i love her songs youre the one that i want and magic as you no the list gos on and on i think she is just fab,i would like to wish you all the best on you’r olivia’s tour,
all the best fred from the uk x
To Where you are is a lovely song. Im loving the videos and recognise a few faces and places!! lol love your voice and wish you every success with the totaly olivia tour. Cant make the bideford venue in Sept which im gutted about. Love Tracey.txx
Just wanted to commend you on, not only your performance at Amazon Herbal Co in London yesterday, which not only moved at least one person literally to tears, but touched the hearts of all present, judging by the looks on their faces and the rapturous applause; also to say what a completely selfless and caring person you are, that you go to such lengths, spend so much time, at so much personal cost, in order to drive forward this fund raising campaign in aid of breast cancer. What a guy!!!
Hello Jay!You were brill in the Amazon Herbal Company presentation! You sounded great and i think everyone really enjoyed it!
love natalie
Hey Jaden,
Had a lovely time in London today & you were amazing at the Amazon Herbal Company Meeting :].
Thanks for the tour,. Hugs & Kisses. x x x
Hi, just got an email asking for help with your campaign. Im glad to do so. I grew up with ONJ’s music. I will put a link on my site in a minute.

Have to say your face doesn’t go with your lovely voice – I don’t mean that nastily – just expected a different sound, but you can actually SING. Must be the piercings. I recognised north devon in the vids, nice to see you keep things local.

Best of luck with the campaign and please keep me informed of the venues/dates cos if you’re really local I will come (have broken elbow and broken ankle at mo so dont want to travel too far!!
Best wishes…. Alison (
Hi Jaden, can’t wait to meet you.

Gemma JCGC southeast 😉
Great site, Great voice, Great person…..Shine on mate.
Love the Totally Olivia rehearsals on You Tube looks like you’re having fun! Looking forward to coming to one of the shows x
Just spent the afternoon looking at your website it was great keep up the good work you have a wonderful voice, Love Ann xx
Great website, can’t wait to see the Olivia tour soon. xx
Loving the website Jaden. Has lots of great info. Totally in love with Vertigo. Hoping to see some gigs added further North???!!!!
Hi J.
Hope the rehearsals are going well. The site looks great. Love Vertigo and Solo Por Ti.
Hi Jaden

Simon here from the prehistoric past

What can I say? You always could dance better than any of us, and you look great. Your voice seems to mature like a juicy swiss cheese, and the work you are doing is very commendable. Hopefully you will be an inspiration to others in this world.

Be blessed

Well done Jaden, great site. impressive! the greatest good luck to you in all your endeavours.

No one could doubt the amount of sheer hard work and enthusiasm that goes into all you do..

As the philosopher Rudolph steiner says…it is time to emerge from your own personal shadows and let the whole world bathe in the light of your sun.
Hi Jaden

New website is looking fab and cant wait to see you at Polyfield in September.

Charlie says “hello Jaden i still have the signed picture of you and love hearing you sing cant wait to hear you again soon. Love from Charlie Foot” (Age 11)

Best Wishes
Hi Jaden…

loving the new site.

Your voice is sooo amazing, i love listening to you.

Good luck with everything!

Love Jane xxx
Hi Jaden

My colleague Jackie introduced me to your web site and I have to say how impressed I am! Fantastic voice and great selection of tracks.


love the site! How does that great voice,come out of someone with no map and direction skills (turn right at Witheridge)!!
Hey Jaden,

Glad to hear it’s going well, will have to see u when ur touring the north.

Take care

Thank you for the track!

I gonne use the track, to sing at my sisters 50th birthday.

Hi I just came from you tube. I’m multipinkice there. Wow what an important cause. First time my mom had cancer was in her bowels, then 17 years later she got breast cancer and 17 after that small cell cancer which stole her life. Bless you for what you’re doing. I haven’t heard you sing but I just read one of your messages about your videos at you tube so I’m off to check it out. Love your site here. It fantastic! By the way you are such a cutie. Wow is that icon you too. I thought it was Jon BonJovi. Big hugs from me to you. xoxoxoxo
Hey jaden. How are you?
just saw some of your youtube vids and let me tell u, u have some pipes man! love it, your sexy features and of course your lovely voice.
keep going! greetings from venezuela


(ps: thx for the message on youtube)
All sounds great, well done trust and pray all goes well with all you do.

lol x
website looking good!!! see you at rehearsals.:)
hey JC lookin good man! please say therell be a date and venue this way on yr tour..? havent seen you for the longest time….so glad to see you going from strength to strength.. love and light to you.. xxx janey bee xx
Hey Jay
Websites looking pretty cool 🙂
hopefully we’ll get to meet up in November
an go for that drink!!
Big hugs to ya!

its a great thing you’re doing, raising that money with the tour! I hope the interest in this grows…

Greeting from Sweden! 🙂
Hi Jaden,

May you be blessed in all of your endeavors. 😀

Hey Jaden,

I have watched your website….Stunning that you are doing such a things in combination of making music.It is not my favorite genre…but “To Where You Are” is the best.

Bye the way i did not knew and found anything on YouTube about B-Yond.

Life is about inspiration,and it is good that Olivia inspired you in a beautiful way!

Take care and enjoy every part of life!

Much love,

Got your message at youtube.I’m known as Tojimoto the one who uploads Ultra Nate videos.Great website and by the way you are very handsome ^_^ Have nice day!
you do good work.
great site!
Hey Jaden,
Thanks for the invitation, the website looks Great! Keep up the good work, Best of luck!!
hello mate from australia ,jaden thank you for the invite im glad to help all my best to you and your’s and again thank you! sj.
Hey Jaden,
Thanks for the invitation, the website looks awesome. Keep up the great singing and work. Best of luck

Wow, you have an amazing voice! I urge you to please continue making music!! You definitely have talent and I would like to hear more 🙂

Lots of love,
wow your websete hmmm i like ! there while time come my websete
Hello Jaden,

I just listened to Solo Por Ti (Alone By You), and I got chills… sing straight from the heart. You have such a wonderful gift and thank you for sharing with the world. It would be nice if you visited Canada again, especially Western Canada, eh? Thank you for your music and videos. Love your youtube channel. Would be nice to chat sometime. Be well, and may God Bless you and your friends and family.

All my best ~ Chris 🙂
hi jaden its been a long time scinse the crystal course & boy have you been busy . would be great to hear from you some time
Hi Jaden,

Many thanks for what you are doing for all the animals at the sanctuary its such a pleasure to meet someone who is so willing to help us all here and you are always welcome when ever you want to vist.See you soon.
Nathan and Debs
Hi Jaden,

Thank you for the invitation. Good luck my friend.
Hi Jaden:
Good luck to your endeavor!
From Edmonton, Canada
Hi Young man, good to see you yesterday. You all sounded terrific.
Keep up the excellent work.
Hugs xx
hey hun…. just wanted to say what a great weekend i had with you and the guys singing! loved it and im sooo proud of everyone coz its sounding fab! cant wait for the shows!! c u soon wend xxxx
morning, keep up the good work man your doing a fab job. its matthewchell07 from youtube.

Hellow Jade. This is giovanni4all from YouTube. I’m glad you added me as a friend and I wish you best wishes in what you’re doing.
Hello Jaden!
Thanks a lot for the invitation.
Best wishes and good luck for you
Hello! myspace friend! The site is great and I will def. be back..also plan to “follow you” on of is as great as ever! Peace and blessings..Richard Moore
Hey Jaden!

Looks good, I am so happy to see that you are doing well and working for such a great cause.

Please check out my new venture at and see if we could work together. Pass on the information if you don’t mind.

Great hearing from you again.

Hey Jaden,

Love the site 😀 Thanks for the add on Youtube too, I’m glad you did. This is great work you are doing, you are truly a great person.
Hello Jaden,

I’m honored to be invited to become your friend at YouTube and to visit your site.
As you see, i just did that and i’m glad too.
Keep on singing and the good works.

Jacqueline (Wittekin)
Hi Jaden,
This is Livvyfansc from You Tube.
Congratulations for your web site and for all the great things you do.
best wishes
Hi Jaden
It has been a while so was surprised by your message on Myspace which I rarely visit these days. Its great to know ur doing well. I still listen lots to Mi Corizon, and my fav track ‘To Where You Are’. (which I still think ur version far superior to that of Josh Groben).

Anyway I am well and was the the karaoke queen on my recent cruise aboard the Norwegian Pearl. We very nearly named it Annaoke I sang so often.

So here I am checking you out.

Keep it up

Anne xx
Hi Jaden,

keep up the good work,

you’ve found some great things to stand for,

wish you great success

Jaden, Great work!

Its a wonderful thing you are doing for the kids.

My best wishes to your success 🙂

Your friend,
hello jaden.this is audry from are doing amazing things for much deserving people.keep up the good works and keep making the beautiful music.many blessings to light and respect….audry
I like it what you all are doing for cancer.

*•. ¸*•.¸*•.¸ ¸.•*¸.•*¸.•*
¸.•* ¸.•*¸.•* *•.¸*•.¸*•.¸

Hi Jayden, this is mommarox from
YouTube. I am very honored that you asked.
what a wonderful website you have here. I will have to check it out more but I am leaving for 3 weeks holiday.
send me a message as a reminder. are you on blogTV.l
I just opened a channel there under the same name.
seems that were a lot of tubers are going
see you when I get back
hey jaden love your work,loved the album,wish u could make it scotland ,gd luck with the tour.
Hello Jaden,
nice to meet you:)you have a wonderful site!
i wish you all the best!
Hello Jaden,
nice to meet you:)you have a wonderful site!
i wish you all the best!
hey, i’m just stopping by, um i don’t really know what to say. lol

Hey Handsome

Just wanted to pop in and send some love from Albuquerque NM! Really enjoying exploring your Youtube page… Keep up the wonderful work!!!

Hey Jaden, awesome site!:D
i wish you all the best in your life, dreams and carrer,
take care

Best of luck with you charity work Jaden.

Kind regards.

It was great meeting you on Sunday.
Take care. Look forward to seeing you perform…
Hey Jaden,

great meeting you,
love from me and my family .

Mark emmins
All the best and good luck

Doin good mate keep it up best of luck from downunder aye (australia)
Oohhhh I wish you the best in music world! You deserve it because you are very talented! =D

And you are sooooo cute!
Love you! ^_^
Hi Jaden,
God has given you great gifts – a wonderful singing voice and a big heart… You are an inspiration to us all.
Thanks for being a friend.
Brilliant show at the Prince of Wales last night! Lost count of the encores!!!!
Cathy xx
Thanks a lot for getting in contact with me on youtube. I congratulate you for working so hard on this cause.

I wish you good luck!
Hi just popped over from youtube to check out your website, great stuff mate the best of luck with everything w x
Keep up the great work! Good luck with your album, can’t wait to hear it!
Hi Jaden

Hope you got the (LONG) message I sent you.

Would be GREAT if you could get to London on 27th (Hilton London Metropole Hotel – 225 Edgware Road 1-3pm)

This is Olivia’s BIG Passion (along with the Breast Cancer Charities) – she is AT THIS VERY MOMENT in Peru visiting the Tribes of the Rainforest – working with John on ways to Save the Rainforest and promote sustainable Rainforest products.

NOW we in the UK can help -visit

Let me know if we can help promote YOUR EFFORTS on our Facebook site ‘Zamu UK Information’

Hey, Jaden! I just stopped by from YouTube to say good luck.

Hello Jaden,

I’m glad I’ve met you in youtube. I hope you remember suggestion I’ve made I sent in private message (YT). I like what you’re doing, it is very noble. Those 9 charities can use a lot of help right now. Please get in touch with PAYPAL how to setup an account to accept donation for your charity so you can reach your goal of 10k. I’m sure those charity organizations you’re trying would love to help you setup an account in PAYPAL.

God bless

Hello Jaden,

thanks for adding on YouTube and to have the pleasure to listen to your muisc. It’s a pitty that I did never hear from you before….but that will change now *smiles*

You are a gift for the human beeing

All the luck in the world on that brilliant way

Greetings from Hannover
Pet xxx

Hey Jaden,

Thanks for your message on YouTube! You’re doing an amazing job you know… the angels in this world are the people who help others when they can.

thanks for the are doing a great job with this site.
It is great what you are doing and keep up the great work!
Keep up the graet work, such a worthy cause. I think it is fantastic what you are doing and dedicating your time and heart too. Best of luck with that fire walk, I have seen it a few times, VERY BRAVE
Great to make a new friend. Keep up the good work.
As a new friend – I instantly like you and all that you do.
Happy to be a part of of your world.
M x
Thank you for your friendship and your great work. I wish you every success my friend. Very Best Regards!
You are truly a gift from God. Your voice is amazing!! And your soul and spirit have been blessed by the angels……..Please, never stop giving to the world, mankind needs you!!

Thank you for all that you do and for who you are!!

Namaste my friend

Hey Jaden,

great vids and music. God’s blessings with your Only Olivia tour.

Charissa Mrowka
Wow. Wonderful to see how much you’re putting into your charity work. All the best. Spiritman. 😉
Hi Jaden,
Just been watching you on youtube.
Wishing you lots of luck with all that you do.
Keep up the good work, you’re a star.
Donna xx

Hi Jaden,
I’ve lost 2 of my aunts to breast cancer and I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing to help raise awareness:)
xoxo Ali
Best of luck with all the charity work – keep up the good work!
Good luck with all your fine charity work! You are an amazing artist. Much success in all your future endeavors.

Hello Jaden wow what a wonder work you are doing …I am so excited to hear about the Olivia fund-raiser and as soon as i get off here am mailing a ton of people here and all across the world to get behind this …such a wonderful cause and i wish you and you fellow musicians every success …cancer is such a daunting disease .. and affects us all at sometime either personally or through people we know and love …You are a great performer and wonderful person ,,,thankyou for your wonderful work ..Olivia M
All the best with your tour and Charity work. I hope it all works out for you! Keep it up!
Hey Jaden…of course I will sign your guest book. Love what you are doing….and I love Olivia’s music as well!! I will be doing more of her stuff as well on You Tube….so would love to know what you think!!!

Linda N. aka wimpy1267
Hey Jaden, nice site, and I like all the Olivia Newton-John stuff you are working on. =)
Hi Jaden,
Nick and I are coming to your gig in Holcombe Rogus,really looking forward to it. Great website, lots of love hugs and kisses Teresa, Nick and Ethan x x x
Wishing you the best of luck on the tour! You are supporting a wonderful cause!
hi jaden .. dattsam from you tube. nice web site as hubby said well done in all you do good luck
hi jaden.. im dattsam`s hubby ( from you tube) wishing you well in fund raising .. good luck and keep up the great work
Hi Jaden,

Fantastic site by the way! You are an extremely talented guy and the work which you are planning to do to raise money for these charities is wonderful. I feel honoured to be a part of the Only Olivia Tour and look forward to raising lots and lots of money!!!!!

Caz xx
Hi! Lovely to hear about your work for breast cancer, my mum died of cancer, not breast cancer, but am all for work towards any kind of cancer!

Just a quick message to say what you are doing is wonderful and I want to wush you all the luck in the world. Thank you. xx
just drop by to wish you lot’s of luck Had update from a friend to check out ya web site
Great Stuff Well done Continued Success
Just stopped by to say good luck with everyone!!!

It is a Wonderful thing that you are doing, to raise money for
Breast Cancer!! Bless you! You are a very talented singer too!!
Good luck with everything.
hey there, congratulations on doing a great job and keep up the good work. good luck to you. 🙂
You’re doing a great job!
I wish you a lot of success with your project.


hi Jaden, wow, what a voice, perfectly matched to your beautiful personality. its always a pleasure to be in your company. keep up the good work hun. love and light shuvvie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kep up the good work with your charity. I hope you reach your goals. Well wishes from Toronto Canada
your doing a fab job raising money well done i hope ur concert goes well!!!!!!!xx
Hi jaden
You rock good luck loved seeing you have fun!

Good luck to you with your gigs and I want to send a personel thank you to you for your fight against cancer. Take care

Love & Light
youll definitely reach your target keep it up
You are a light your have this special aura around you that draws people toward you. You music is very up lifting you being happiness to so many people. Your site is really great I love it so much.
I love your music. Your website is amazing. Keep up the great work. hugs Tricia xx
Your side is very interesting and so I leave a comment. Olivia Newton John is a great person – so I understand your reasons very well – and I wish you all the best for your project.
Hiya jaden! i wanna thank you for posting your music on the web. You are a brilliant artist! and good human being . thanks, rick
Good luck with the gigs… And with helping people with cancer. 🙂
You are my hero Jaden. I really enjoy how you are helping OLIVIA with her cancer Apeal project. And your voice gives me chills. Keep up the great work. LOVE BILL
You are my hero Jaden. I really enjoy how you are helping OLIVIA with her cancer Apeal project. And your voice gives me chills. Keep up the great work. LOVE BILL
You are my hero Jaden. I really enjoy how you are helping OLIVIA with her cancer Apeal project. And your voice gives me chills. Keep up the great work. LOVE BILL
loving the new song sure it will get loads of downloads!! x
Love your version of the Wish Fulfilling Tree!!
That chorus is very catchy!
See you tomorrow
Hi Jaden

The new site looks great 🙂

Film Academy
loving the websit i will have to get my self one.
Really enjoyed your CD. All best wishes
A great voice and an excellent friend. I wish you all the success for the future With talent like that you deserve it.:)
Hi Jaden,
Really nice meeting you the other day. Didn’t realise quite how talented till I had chance to listen to the CD properly….wow….what a voice……and that opinion is coming from someone who helps run music festivals and has heard thousands of performers……….keep in touch…..if you need a volunteer promoter let me know……
Jackie X
Loving the new website, lots to see (including me!!!). Good luck with everything you are doing xxxxx
A natural talent and a true star! One of the loveliest poeple I have the pleasure of knowing. I wish the world for you and for what you want to achieve. Your CD is in the car at this very moment!!
Heya Jaden
This is a great site, looks like you’re doing really well and supporting some great causes!
hope to see ya soon
love Gemma
hi jaden, great site! looking forward to the shows! see you soon mate shaun.
Hey Shorty,
Loving the site and sounds, all very different to when we first met eh ?
Hope life’s treating you well. Think I’ve been sending Xmas & birthday cards to your old address, sorry!
We’re still down under in Sydney but coming home for a few weeks in August. Hopefully get to see you then.
loads a lurve, Gra & Tel x
This is so exciting Mr. Jaden you are a real star, your caring and touching sound is so unique. Very relaxing is your music, and so reassuring. It is a wonderful thing that you are doing for the children!

Much blessings for success to you!

The inspirational, the celebrated Jaden. So good to see your new site! Well done! You know, if we wear lots of shiny metallic bling, perhaps we can say that we’ve both gone “multi platinum”. Hmm… yeah… no. Alrighty then. Much love coming at you from Canada!
Hi Jaden, see you soon! x
songs good be in touch soon. x
I love your music and style. Your looks are amazing. If you lived in CALFORNIA by Hollywood you would be an international superstar. Keep up the great work.
hey, the stuff on you tube is fab!! the one with all of you on sounds amazing!! keep up the good work guys!! lol xx
heya my lovley
great rehearsal, cheers for the tuning help lol keeping it in mind. lots of rehearsals at home this week lol, it was hard last week loads going on with college. well so far so good lol i looked at the video on youtube because i didnt see it at your house because i am lazy lol but iv already had people look at it and they love it. see you round college. xxx
hey jay, likin the new website!!! was great seeing you again with wendy and shaun hope to see you again soon!! good luck with the olivia show take care debbie x
Like’in the tattoo’s and peircings Jaden.
Wow what an inspiration you are Jaden and very talented. I wish you all the sucsess in the world.



wooo! you rock!! well, in a classical kinda way.

Some might say, you complete us!!

Hi gorgeous
what a great website. I like your walk on bit, really personal. Love your new logo, shows the star you are. Watched some vids, very good, really like Solo por ti.

Keep smiling and I’ll see you very soon
Great new website – lovley photos. You don’t look a day older!
xx Sarah
Hey Mr

Loving the website.

Your such a fantastic guy and you have an amazing voice. I wish you all the success and happiness for the future, you so deserve it!

Love & hugs

Hi you! Love the website, it looks amazing and so do you! Keep up the hard work love – your gonna be a star! xxx

Hiya Jayden just checked u out on utube, and ur really good im well impressed x x good luck with the tour and raising money for a fantasic charity x x 🙂
Impressed wih website. Hope new album is going well
Good luck for the future. Best wishes Robert.

Such a talent and it amazes that you are always thinking of ways to help others. You’re an inspiration!

Ellie xxxx
hey jay, loving the website its fab!! hope to hear from you soon!! looking forward to reciveing my cd so i can get learning the songs!! miss you guys chat soon wend xxxx
Hi J. Watched you on Youtube twice just now. Got goosepimples!! Wish you loads and loads of good things. You deserve it! You are amazing! Love U. 🙂
Hello dear Jaden. This is Pawo here. You have a wonderful new site. I can only see great success for you. Thank you for recording Wish Fulfilling Tree. The children will benefit from your kindness and always be thankful for your birth.
I will see you soon. I look forward to meeting such a generous man. Bless you Jaden from all at the Gesar Foundation for children and beyond.
Hey jaden!
i love the website!!and thank you for the cheaking out as many ONJ songs as i can!see you on saterday!
🙂 🙂
love natalie
Hi Jaden, great to speak with you earlier, some exciting things on the horizon hey??
My web is
See you on next Saturday
I love the website!
Kel’s xxx
Hi, J……long time no hear ! Hope everything is going well for you. Looking forward to the new album – and some gigs ‘up North’ !!

Josie xx
great web site jaden hope all goes well ilz xxx
Good luck, Jaden! Hugs Kxxx
Hi Jaden, love the new website and cannot wait for the new album….all the very best with everything xx
Jaden i am so looking forward to album no 2 i am waering out the first one. i wish you good thing in all that you do. And thank you for July 25th and the special need children thank you.
go Jaden, remarkable talent hope to see you in the future xxxxPaul and Graham xx
Brill website, we wish you the very best with the appeal and look forward to working with you.
Great website and fabulous music.

Good luck, love and light.

Hi darlin
Great web site! Good luck with everything! Wishing you love, light and laughter Niqui xxxx
Hey Jaden, Loving the new site!

All sounds very exciting and i wish you well and lots of luck!

Be great to see you soon
All my love xx
Hi Jaden – love the website! Looking forward to album #2 and the shows you’re planning.
Cathy x
An amazing guy with an amazing voice. Great new web site. Good luck with everything. Loads of love from Clare.xx
Hi Jaden,
Good luck with the new web site.
Hope everything goes well with the new material
Good Luck with the recording. Can’t wait to work with you.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I’m really grateful.

Much Love

Fab new web site – sending you lots of love and positive thoughts xx 🙂
Great to see you’re keeping busy. Looking forward to hearing some of your new stuff! Lots of love Jus x
Hey Mister, new website looks great! Good luck with all the new work, I wish you well!

Chris x
Hi Jaden, Good luck with your new recording. Look forward to seeing you in August if not before. Love ya, Val
Hi Jaden, Good luck with your new recording. Look forward to seeing you in August if not before. Love ya, Val
Good Luck Jaden, hope to meet up soon, Nicola
Hi Jaden, love the website and best wishes with the new album.
Hi Jaden, love the website and best wishes with the new album.
Hi Jaden,
Great website. Looking forward to working with you.
Love & light
Good Luck for everything….. may it be as succesful as you deserve.x
Good Luck with it all.
Hiya J.. long time no see.. love the new webstie..and good luck with the album..
love and kisses
good luck for the future.
will look forward to hearing the new album.
Hi Jaden

Thanks for helping to support a cause that has special meaning for me and my family. Look forward to checking everything out.

Hugs too to Janet for sending me your way.

Best wishes from a new fan in Florida!
hi jaden hows you long time no hear what you been upto
The new website looks great J and I’m really looking forward to your new album. Wishing you lots of success young man, in all that you do.
Janet xx
Dear Jaden,
Love your new website, you look very handsome and you know I love your voice and your singing!

Good luck to you!

Your old friend of many years, Roberta
Wow what a cool website!!! you deserve lots of luck and bright blessings. You are extremely talented and I love, love, love your voice!!
Lots of Love
You have an awesome talent i am honoured and blessed that you are one of my friends, put my name down for the new album!!

lots of love, blessings and light
Love the new site.fantastic singer,amazing talent.
Looking forward to new album.You rock!
WOW loving the new site and think you have always been Gr8. It’s about time you were the biggest star this country has seen in a very long time !!!
Hi Jaden, Looking forward to the new album! Keep up the great work.