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19 October 2018

AVAILABLE NOW! Jaden Cornelious Album – Hold On To Me (+Reviews)


Jaden’s new album Hold On To Me NOW available to purchase on CD and digital download.

You can purchase it here at the JC shop or download it at iTunes and Amazon.

Happy Listening 🙂

It would be great if you would leave an album review here, to let Jaden know how much you like his new album.

The album contains 11 beautiful songs. All arranged by John ‘Bonzo’ Butler.

The Title track (Hold On To Me) is a Stunning duet written by Jaden Cornelious, Mary-Jess Leaverland and John ‘Bonzo’ Butler sung by Jaden and Mary-Jess.

The Song list is as follows.

Hold On To Me * (C)

The Water Is Wide

Discover The Gift * (C)

The Light *(C)

Divine Lullaby *(C)

She Moved Through The Fair


Amarilli, Mia Bella

Ave Maria

Caro Mio Ben

La Luz *

* Original track

(C) available to download for charity at 



36 Responses

  1. Diana Schipper- NETHERLANDS

    The new album is absolutely fabulous ! I just love it….keep listening to it over and over again !! A must to have and to hold on to. Well done Jaden !!

  2. Sue - North Devon UK

    This is the best album so far. I listen to it everyday while I’m in my car. Jaden you are one amazing man.

  3. Regina- Alabama USA

    This is album is awesome. . .I was truly amaze with his voice and the whole scope of the album. . .Fave track is She Moves Through the Fair. . .I have been listening to a lot of great music in the past couple weeks and truly by far this album is high on my list. . .Buy this album and you want be disappointed.☺

  4. Beverly -South Devon. UK

    Fab album, great mix of music all beautifully sung, love all the tracks, well done Jaden, phenomenal depth of emotion shines through,love it.

  5. Cathy- North Devon UK

    Too many choices to name my number one but my top five favs in no particular order are The Light, Discover the Gift, Hold On To Me, She Moved Through the Fair and the Water is Wide although the last two I mentioned may well nudge to the top of the list. Your voice just gets better and better – love this new album!! Well done to you and JB for putting it all together xx

  6. Ava Maria- Somerset UK

    A must have album I love all 11 tracks particularly Ave Maria, you have an exceptional voice, an amazing talent which is captivating. Hope to hear you live one day. An album to be proud of. Thank you xx

  7. Luis Tanimoto - JAPAN

    Mr.Jaden Cornelius. I like his songs.
    This is the second album I have.
    But this time came with a very pleasant surprise.
    “Hold on to me” and “Discover the Gift” I really like.
    It made me happy. Thank you .

  8. Alison- Plymouth. Devon. UK

    What an amazing album, full of inspiration, Jaden it is helping me stay strong during my treatment, your voice is amazing, fantastic song choice, even the nurses on the unit are hooked, I’m awaiting 10 copies arriving on cd to give to them, la Luz is my favourite track you sing it with such passion, you are truly talented,

  9. I cannot wait to own this album!! I have listened to Jaden’s work on YouTube ever since I was so fortunate to find his music. His persona is so RAW and unexpected, his style unmatched…he truly has the voice of an angel.

    He is a humanitarian with such incredible depth, our world is a better place with his contribution. Jaden’s music will strike every chord in your soul, he has mine.

  10. “Hold On to Me” is the newest and perhaps most intriguing Jaden Cornelious album to date. Sure it includes both new and classic material. And as with his other offerings there a are pieces in english as well as Spanish, Italian and Latin. Yet with this album there is a smooth, steady ebb and flow to the roll in of the tide on the last track of the album. Underscoring it all is a simple yet powerful positive theme that is the essence of “Hold On to Me.” If you need a stirring of the soul, a lifting of your spirits, this album is for You!

  11. Nina Bo - Oslo - NORWAY

    Lovely music and album. Bought it from ITunes and love it. Fantastic voice as well. Keep this up, you should go far. Deserves sucsess. Will recommend it to friends and family as well.

  12. Hi, I bought several songs from iTunes and I love it! As does my partner, I will hopefully be buying the FULL album for Christmas and I will be giving it to my Grand Parents. I am sure they will find it awesome too. It deserves as many radio plays as possible and I will play it as much as possible on my show over the next few months. Keep up the good work! 🙂 You have a voice of an angel.

  13. Wow what can I say about this fantastic album!
    Jaden you are an amazing talent and Bonzo what beautiful arrangements.
    When composing music I try to write a melody that you cannot forget and you have most definitely done this.
    I woke up this morning with Hold On To Me going on in my head – it is a stunning and moving duet with two beautiful voices complimenting each other. Truly magnificent- well done to you all!!!
    Hold on to me should be a number one hit for Christmas…

  14. Outstanding, Amazing!
    A truly exceptional talent with wonderful arrangements from Bonzo Butler and mesmorising singing from Jaden and Mary Jess.
    I love all the songs and especially Hold On To Me.
    When I compose a melody I try to create a memorable one and with this album you have definitely surpassed this.
    I woke up this morning with Hold On To Me in my head! I hope this goes to number one in the charts for Christmas.
    Well done to all of you!!!

  15. Ian Fincher- London-UK

    A really great album. The arrangements are lovely from just a piano to orchestration giving a nice balance. Jaden’s voice is so gentle and warm so draws you in feeling he is singing to you personally. An album to be listened to over and over again , it lifts you mood but is also very thought provoking with lyrics that will mean so much to many people, it’s full of emotion and sung from the heart. A nice mix of tracks giving something for many listeners .

  16. Sharon Cera - Perth - AUSTRALIA

    I was so lucky to receive this album of Jaden’s from my cousin in the UK. I am an aussie and his music now is being circulated downunder in Australia. The album has come at a time when I was struggling with ill health. The CD is inspirational and has given me such joy hope and peace. So from the bottom of my heart and from an Aussie born girl I say gidday from Oz and thank you Jaden for sharing your beautiful gift with us all.
    Love Sharon xxx

  17. Kirsty Ozbourne -Lincolnshire - UK

    Hi Jaden your new album “Hold On To Me” is an awesome album with beautiful songs on it,it fills me with joy listening to it you are an awesome singer will definitely recommend to anyone to buy it. it’s definitely an excellent gift for someone special for Christmas

  18. Ava Maria- Somerset- UK

    This is an excellent album one which evokes many emotions. Jaden has an outstanding voice and this deserves to be promoted in the media so that others may appreciate and enjoy. It is certainly one to buy for the xmas stocking 🙂

  19. The album has a beautiful collection of songs which are all recorded with a vocal warmth and serenity that makes it perfect for this time for year. The duet with Mary Jess Leaverland highlights both singers great vocal abilities which stand out separately but also blend together seamlessly. We wish you all the very best with the albums release and we are certain that it will provide a perfect backdrop for many homes this Christmas. Congratulations.

  20. Margaret Farrell - Bishop Auckland - UK

    Hi, Jaden, happy to leave my comment for this Album, it is just beautiful , I love The Light, as well as all the tracks on this Album, and Hold On To Me is so beautiful.
    I just love it, more please lad. Hugs Maggie X

  21. Andrew Lynford - Actor/TV Presenter/Writer/Producer - West Hollywood -USA

    Jaden, your versatility never ceases to amaze me. The richness of your voice reminds me of Scott Walker or Marc Almond when he does Jacques Brel.. something warm and mellow, but with a depth of emotion, like you’re trying to conceal something, which makes it heartbreaking. And you wrote a lot of these as well, you clever sod! Really great mix of material from a great artist. Five stars from me! Andrew Lynford

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