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15 October 2015

Jaden Cornelious Project 2012 For Schools Alive and Loud Ambassador

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We are excited that Jaden Cornelious International Classical crossover star and singing sensation also fundraiser of JCF (JC Fundraising) joins us and will be working with us. Jaden believes in our mission to help young people to excel, ignite, encourage and for young people to be empowered and engaged in activities and pursuits of interest to young people that can help a young person’s growth whilst still at school. Jaden and his musical talent has had amazing world wide success with his singing and this includes America, Australia, Canada, and many others to date. Many fans would certainly agree with his world wide musical singing talent.

Jaden also has a passion for working with young people and says ” you must give young people a chance to broaden their horizons for them to learn and be taught skills that enrich them positively in many ways”.  This is another powerful message and we are building a fan base of well known faces who feel the same way about youth and education. This is a fabulous unique platform for young people and education to recognise their true potential. Education at present is too stiff and mechanical, rigid and there is room for freedom for growth or creative expression that helps young people to achieve their best at school and also being prepared for the world that await’s them at the end of the process of schooling life. Project 2012 For Schools Alive and Loud is ensuring that every young person between the ages of 13-18 years old has a education that is enjoyable, attainable, and fully Immersed in their own journey, gifts and talents that shape their lives for the better. Instead of just for the sole purpose of making a income to pay the bills but to make a life that fulfils and sustains for life.

“Life Affirming learning” – we welcome you Jaden to Project 2012 For Schools Alive and Loud and say thank you for always having young people in the fore front of your heart and mind and campaigning tirelessly for those who cannot fight or help themselves. You fight on behalf of those young people is amazing. We look forwards to working with you on this exciting journey and venture.

For more details visit the website for Project 2012 for Schools Alive and Loud.

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