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23 July 2016

Jaden’s in the Dog House Soon – Literally!


Jaden has just set up a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to set up a rescue centre in Morelos Mexico to help dogs that have been born on or left on the streets.

Jaden Said;

I have only been living in Mexico for 6 months but i am moved everyday by the amount of uncared for animals here.

I have 2 rescue dogs of my own and I so wish I could do more to help, but its not easy in rented accomodation. We always carry a bag of dried food and water in the trunk of our car but its not enough.

I want to do more. So I am hoping to raise enough funds to purchase some land here and to build some shelters to house street dogs. The money left over will help me to purchase food and water and also vet costs as I hope to castrate and spay all the dogs ( where it’s possible) i rescue.

This is a big thing to undertake but every day I see so many and then I look at my dogs who have a lovely home and cuddles and food and water and shelter and toys and chew sticks, etc.

I am not able to work here at the moment and doing all I can but would love, with your support, to start The Star Temple Rescue Centre and maybe even one day to be able to find new homes for the dogs.

Can you help?

In a third world country if you have to chose feeding your family or vet bills for your old dogs that live in the garden, it’s obvious where the priority lies.

However this isn’t good news for dogs who are left on the streets due to age or illness.

So many of them are roadkill and even more living with no food, no shelter in horrific states and with no love.

You can find out more and donate at

You can also donate via Paypal or even set up a monthly donation at    Donate by clicking on the JCF Mexico button.

Thank you for your time!

Help me 2 help them? #ACAUSE4PAWS 🐶#DONATE💙#1-5 $ £ or … PLS SHARE


2 Responses

  1. Jessica

    Your mission is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. I can’t believe you would dedicate your life to such incredible causes. I pray the world hears your gift, there is no one like you.

  2. Margaret Farrell - Bishop Auckland - UK

    Hello lad, you have a beautiful voice, I’ve been downloading music from iTunes, you are a very unselfish young man, do intend to join in your fight to help these poor dogs,it is amazing what you are trying to do.
    Your music & beautiful voice has helped me with the death of my husband, now it’s my turn to help you,going to go back to the website for the Mugs, CDs, and whatever else I can do.
    All the best Margaret. Hugs lad take care.

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