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01 August 2016

JC August Update

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Well I am excited to be writing to you as it means after a LONG time my New Album ‘Hold On To Me’ is finally available!!! It features the songs;

Ave Maria, The Water is Wide, Caro mio Ben, She Moves through the Fair, Hold On To Me my duet with the wonderful Mary-Jess Leaverland and some other beautiful tunes. You can download it or buy a physical copy on my new website


Available at


Soon available at iTunes and Amazon




You can purchase my NEW album (Hold On To Me) and my demo album (Solo Por Ti) for only £14 this includes P&P at



If you pay my website a visit I would LOVE to know where you are from so please stop and say Hello and sign the guest book .


One you have listened to the new album I would love to know what you think, you can review this album on the following link.



Am hoping to have more shows to add to my Events page asap so please come back and visit again soon there are regular updates.


Please take a look around you can check out my new photos, hear music, download songs, buy merchandise, find out where I am singing and watch videos.  



JCF News….


I also wanted to update you with what’s happening at JCF HQ.


We now have offices in North Devon, West London, North Wales, Mexico, Netherlands and Australia.


With more offices in the pipeline, if you are interested in Joining us please take a look here




Jaden is working hard to build an animal shelter in Mexico where he lives. You can donate to this very needed campaign at


or via Paypal at the JCF website look for JCF Mexico you can also donate to another JCF office or one of our other amazing causes.


The stunning new Duet by Jaden Cornelious and Mary-Jess Leaverland is now available to download for charity at   you will also find other songs you can download for charity. Proceeds will benefit The Youth Door Project (


If you are a singer/songwriter and want to give your music some more meaning and help a charity at the same time, please check out….


SO it’s all go with Team JC and the JCF Tribe. We hope to see you at a show or an event soon.


Please come back and check out the websites when you can.

You can follow Jaden Cornelious and JC Fundraising on YouTube (please subscribe)


We are also on Twitter and Facebook. Hope to see you there too .


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Hold On To Me // Hold On To Me
  1. Hold On To Me // Hold On To Me
  2. The Water Is Wide // Hold On To Me
  3. The Light // Hold On To Me
  4. She Moved Through The Fair // Hold On To Me
  5. La Luz // Hold On To Me
  6. Gaudete // Hold On To Me
  7. Divine Lullaby // Hold On To Me
  8. Discover The Gift // Hold On To Me
  9. Caro, Mio Ben // Jaden Cornelious - Hold On To Me
  10. Ave Maria // Jaden Cornelious - Hold On To Me