Hold On To Me Album

Hold On To Me Album



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The album contains 11 beautiful songs. All arranged by John ‘Bonzo’ Butler.

The Title track (Hold On To Me) is a stunning duet written by Jaden Cornelious, Mary-Jess Leaverland and John ‘Bonzo’ Butler sung by Jaden and Mary-Jess.

I cannot wait to own this album! I have listened to Jaden’s work on YouTube ever since I was so fortunate to find his music. His persona is so RAW and unexpected, his style unmatched…he truly has the voice of an angel.

He is a humanitarian with such incredible depth, our world is a better place with his contribution. Jaden’s music will strike every chord in your soul, he has mine.

Too many choices to name my number one but my top five favs in no particular order are The Light, Discover the Gift, Hold On To Me, She Moved Through the Fair and the Water is Wide although the last two I mentioned may well nudge to the top of the list. Your voice just gets better and better – love this new album!! Well done to you and JB for putting it all together xx

In addition to the beautiful classical pieces on this album, there are so many other pieces you find yourself humming well into your day and week. I’ve even added one or two to my workout mix. Again, a dramatic set of choices that pay off nicely for Jaden Cornelious. Bravo!

The new album is absolutely fabulous! I just love it. I keep listening to it over and over again! A must to have and to hold on to. Well done Jaden!

This is the best album so far. I listen to it everyday while I’m in my car. Jaden you are one amazing man.

This is album is awesome. I was truly amazed with his voice and the whole scope of the album. Fave track is She Moves Through the Fair. I have been listening to a lot of great music in the past couple of weeks and truly by far this album is high on my list. Buy this album and you won’t be disappointed.

Fab album, great mix of music all beautifully sung, love all the tracks, well done Jaden, phenomenal depth of emotion shines through, love it.