Jaden Cornelious

Jaden Cornelious

The British Boy of Ballads

The Events

Hear Jaden Live! Currently singing every week in Quintana roo, sharing his passion for music and entertaining.

The Show

The Jaden Show! Featuring special guests from all over the globe and many different walks of life.

The Music

Download Jaden Cornelious singles instantly to your music device in the shop.

Dedicated To Love!

In collaboration with a great friend of mine, Blackxicano 'El Negro mas Guapo', we proudly present an original composition "Without Me".

Dedicated to Love: No races. No colours. No cultures. It's all about love!

It’s Du-O’Clock where Jaden records duets with artists from all over the world.

Discover Jaden’s new music, collaborations, events and latest news.

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Kind reviews and testimonials from wonderful people I've worked with and fans I've entertained.