Jaden To Duet With Artists From All Over The World

The Pandemic meant that for artists you had to think of ways to adapt to the new normal in order to continue with your passion to create and entertain. Not only was The Jaden Show created but also “Duo’Clock” a project for Jaden to record songs in all styles, genres and languages with artists from all over the world.

This exciting project is just getting underway at The London Room Studio.

There are already 2 classical crossover songs with Mexican singer Miguel Mateo, and you can find and listen to them on JCTV, Jaden’s YouTube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!)

Plans to share more songs with you have started and hopefully you will get to see and hear some of these collaborations towards the end of the year and into 2022.

Something to look forward to, for both Jaden and his supporters.

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