Jaden Likes To Talk!

I personally feel that after all the time in isolation thanks to Covid-19 the need to talk to people grew almost out of control and as an artist, one needs to find ways to adapt ones art to remain effective and progressive during the current and continuing pandemic climate. So why not have a talk show?

That way I get to entertain and talk. It’s win-win for me!

The Jaden Show was created and has already been running for over a month on the JC TV YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/jadencornelious) featuring some super cool guests with so many more interviews planned.

It is half an hour well spent, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the bell symbol, that way you get notified as soon as a new episode is added.

Supporting an artist is essential these days when there is little work and no real idea how the future will pan out. By sharing, subscribing, viewing, commenting (did I mention sharing and subscribing?!) it makes it amazing for the artist and only takes minutes to do.

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